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Lash Extensions

Our professional luxe Bella Lash extensions are carefully executed by Rebecca Lowe.  Precision application to prevent removal of existing lashes set Rebecca with Unbridled apart! Using only the finest in premium lashes from Bella lashes as well as personalized consultations to determine your desired lash length and style, Rebecca can create a look that brings out your best you!

$250 for Application*

$70 for Subsequent Refills

*Application includes one set of premium lashes , and one touch-up.
Touch-Up Session Required Within 4 Weeks of Application

There are 2 main types of eyelash extensions: Classic and Volume.

Classic Eyelash Extensions

Classic lashes are applied by taking one extension and applying this to the natural lash. Classic Lashes can range from thin to very thick.  Generally, thinner classic lashes are used because they’re healthier for the eye and they look more natural.  Classic lashes are a great technique for clients that already have a lot of natural eyelashes that just want to add length.  This style of lashing has a genuine look and is great for those only looking to mildly change their eyelash appearance.

Volume Eyelash Extensions

The next type is Volume lashes, which continues to rise in popularity. Volume Lash Extensions are when two to six thinner extensions are formed into a fan and then glued to one natural lash. Volume Lashes are thin and range from .05-.10mm in thickness.  These can also be referred to as “Russian Volume” lashes which refers to the technique of creating fans with different amounts of eyelash extensions.  If 2 extensions are applied to one lash, it is called 2-D; 3 extensions to the natural lash would be 3-D and so on.  Volume lashes are significantly lighter and fluffier, which gives the client a much more full look on their eyes. These are perfect for clients who don’t have a lot of natural eyelashes or if they have sparse lashes. Volume is also great for those wanting a more dramatic look without having to use a thicker lash.

There are 3 main types of looks that you can pick from:

Dramatic, Cat Eye & Natural.​

Dramatic Lashes

Dramatic lashes are typically longer in length and can sometimes be a thicker eyelash extension that is applied.  This produces a more prominent look and is good for those wanting their lashes to stand out.  These are perfect for special occasions, such as weddings!

Cat Eye Lashes

Cat Eye lashes create a more prominent outer corner.  This look consists of putting shorter lashes in the inner corner, and slowly tapering them to longer towards the outer corners.  This can be a perfect look for a night on the town, or typical day to day lashes!


Natural Lashes

Natural lashes are very popular, and range from shorter lengths.  This lashing technique can be applied with the extensions mimicking the lengths of your natural lashes.  Typically, these lashes are shorter on the inner corner, with the longest length in the middle of the eye and then tapering back down on the outer corner.  These are perfect for just about anyone and any occasion!

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